Berlin Collection

For this edition of our Wanderlust Sunglasses Series, follow us to Berlin for a taste of underground inspiration. This mecca of creativity is a play of artistic freedom where anything is possible.

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    Matte Frost


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A new change

When the Wall came down, Berlin exploded into a capital of creativity it had never experienced before. Change has always been part of Berlin's history but this was something new.

The Reunion

Barriers were broken while bonds were simultaneously being forged in the name of art. As young Berliners from West and East of the Wall explored and discovered each other's worlds for the first time, it quickly became apparent that many of them were searching for the same thing—escape from mundane reality.

Going understanding

For the young Berliners coming together, East Berlin couldn't have been a better place for a reunion. It was an empty canvas of limitless opportunity—no better place to create their escape. From the ground up they laid bricks of counter culture to build the now infamous underground arts and music scene we have come to associate with this city. Iconic places like Tresor, formerly Ufo Club, serve as lasting monuments to a generation of artistic creation.


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Berlin continues to be a world-renowned cultural capital. Now, some almost 30 years later, it plays host to a now global community dedicated to carrying on underground and counter cultures.