Milo Frosted Clear Plastique Montures de Lunette de vue
Milo Frosted Clear Plastique Montures de Lunette de vue d'EyeBuyDirect, Vue de Face Milo Frosted Clear Plastique Montures de Lunette de vue pour Femmes d'EyeBuyDirect Milo Frosted Clear Plastique Montures de Lunette de vue pour Hommes d'EyeBuyDirect Milo Frosted Clear Plastique Montures de Lunette de vue d'EyeBuyDirect, Vue de Côté Milo Frosted Clear Plastique Montures de Lunette de vue d'EyeBuyDirect, Vue d'Angle Milo Frosted Clear Plastique Montures de Lunette de vue d'EyeBuyDirect, Vue Rapprochée
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Carrée Frosted Clear Lunette De Vue

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13 $
Frosted Clear
Frosted Clear
Matte Black
Matte Black
Matte Navy
Matte Navy
Matte Gray
Matte Gray
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About Milo

These matte clear eyeglasses are straightforward and versatile. This timeless frame comes in a semi-transparent matte gray acetate finish throughout with trendy square shaped lenses. Clean lines and monochromatic styling create a look that is flattering for both men and women.



  • Taille: Petites | 49 17-134
  • Couleur: Frosted Clear
  • Poids : Légères (11g)
  • Les montures EBD sont pesées sans les verres. Les montures légères ont un poids égal ou inférieur à 15 grammes. Les autres montures ont un poids égal ou supérieur à 16 grammes.

  • Matériau : Plastique
  • Forme: Carrée
  • Monture: Lunettes de vue cerclées
  • Revêtement anti-rayures

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  • Milo Frosted Clear Plastique Montures de Lunette de vue d'EyeBuyDirect screw screw
  • Milo Frosted Clear Plastique Montures de Lunette de vue d'EyeBuyDirect screw
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Based on 2775 reviews

  • Erin - Frosted Clear - square - plastic
  • Legnaly C. - Matte Navy - square - plastic
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  • Tilaina R. - Matte Black - square - plastic
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  • Carol S. - Matte Navy - square - plastic
  • CE'CE' W. - Frosted Clear - square - plastic
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  • Demeco G. - Matte Navy - square - plastic
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  • Great value for money!

    I was nervous to buy glasses online without trying them on but these were so cheap I figured it wasn’t much of a risk. They are great! I wish I bought them ages ago instead of wearing my old pair of ugly scratched glasses for years. I ordered these plus two more pairs on Easter Good Friday and received them on the Wednesday!!! I was not expecting them to arrive so fast so it was very exciting. It’s great to be able to see clearly again :)

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    Erin - Frosted Clear - square - plastic
  • The best frames I have bought!!!!

    You need to buy these frames. They are amazing! The navy frames are a matte shade. It looks elegant and expensive! This is the best purchase I have made in a while.

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    Legnaly C. - Matte Navy - square - plastic
  • I wish there were more companies in this world like EyeBuyDirect

    I just recently got a prescription to wear glasses at an exam and I bought one pair for over $100.00 at the optometrists office. I didn't realize how bad my vision was and how much I needed glasses to read and see and drive everyday. I have a 15 month old and those glasses lasted about a month. I needed some glasses that were reliable yet inexpensive. So I took a chance and ordered two pair on EyeBuyDirect (For ONLY $38.00 that included the lens, frames and shipping to my door!!!) I was nervous putting my trust into a website with all the horror stories out there and when they arrived I opened them and tried them on and the prescription was wrong in the left eye. I was devastated. I checked the order that I placed and I believe that I put in it in wrong. It was MY mistake. I thought about just throwing them away and having the experience be a lesson learned. Then I would have to wait until I could save up enough money to go back to the optometrist and get another $100.00 pair (I do not work, I go to school full time and take care of my disabled child so funds for a new pair of glasses weren't readily available to me). I went to the website and emailed the customer service team about how the prescription was wrong and I just wanted to get the glasses I ordered with the prescription I need. I was willing to pay again if I had to because the glasses looked really good on me and they fit perfectly as well. I was shocked when I received an email with in a matter of hours saying that they would send me REPLACEMENTS with the correct prescription for FREE!!!!!!! I was so excited and happy that I decided to write that email and about 10 days later I had my glasses with the right prescription in my mail box and I haven't taken them off yet! I firmly believe that my vision with these glasses is a lot clearer than the $100.00 pair I bought at the Dr.'s Office. I am so happy and pleased and thankful for EyeBuyDirect. This company has reinforced my faith in humanity. They sent me the glasses I need to see to go to school to get the degree I need to provide for my family and it just means a lot to me. I will forever be singing your praises and recommending them to everyone I know that wears eye glasses. It will be the one and only place I will shop for my eye wear from now on and with the affordability and quality of their product I cannot wait to expand my collection! Thank you so much EyeBuyDirect it is rare to find a company that has a straight moral compass and truly takes care of their costumers. Alison Haack Mother and Student and EyeBuyDirect fanatic La Crosse Wisconsin

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