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Published on Aug 11, 2014
Hi, my name is Andrew and in 2013 I was diagnosed with this condition called Strabismus. Basically it’s my left eye turning inwards and to help me compensate that, I’ve been prescribed with prism glasses. Basically it’s kind of like your regular glasses except it’s thicker. I think I’ve got an example here. It’s a little bit thicker. The lens is a little bit thicker, and I put it on to help me see single image when I do different activities and things like that. I need it for the computer. I need it for looking far. So I have a lot of different types of prescriptions. You know, these prism glasses are stronger when I look at a distance and when I look near they’re a little bit less powerful. So I have many different types of glasses that I need and I tried a lot of different online glasses retailers because I felt like online was the way to go because since I needed so many different glasses I could have a wide selection to pick from. Online was generally cheaper than going to your optometrist and that’s why I chose to go online. Generally online was a little bit harder because you know, you can’t try them on like at your local optometrist. But after using a lot of different online places, I really ended up liking EyeBuyDirect. It made the process very easy for me. It was just like going to your local optometrist. Their customer service was excellent, and I can’t say that with all the other online retailers. EyeBuyDirect really is affordable, and that’s what I truly enjoy about EyeBuyDirect and also their exceptional customer service. It’s very, very high quality. They always respond so, so quickly, and I think it’s very wonderful. I’ve been a loyal customer of EyeBuyDirect for almost six months now. I’ve bought about seven or eight pairs of glasses. It’s cool because it comes in this cool case and it’s really, really cool. As you can see here, I’ve got lots of them. For my specific condition, I need different types of lenses for my prisms and so I chose EyeBuyDirect because of their great quality, affordability, and great customer service. Thank you. Bye.
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