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Seoul Collection

Introducing Wanderlust. More than just a want to travel to different countries, Wanderlust is an insatiable desire to explore foreign places in order to discover and experience new ideas, exotic wonders, delectable foods, and fascinating fashions.

Our trek will consist of a unique exhibition of our stylish sunglasses, mixed with their inspiration from different locations across the globe. Join us in Seoul as we explore its booming fashion scene.

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Hidden gem turned rising star, Seoul's fashion week last fall blew us away and we cannot wait to see what the next one brings. Its take on attention-grabbing street style is poetically individualistic. Unique styles are essential if you want to get noticed.


Sometimes less is more, and there is definitely something to be said for beauty found in simplicity. The impeccably elegant design of Well is reserved and profound. Embracing the bare minimum can be your best solution for standing out.


Seoul also exhibits an unabashed, straightforward, and almost childish tendency towards trendy. Don't be afraid to grab a bit of every element you like, and combine them to make your own unapologetically eclectic look. Start making your own rules with a pair of sunglasses like Lady Bird.

No abstention and no moderation. Take pride in having a repertoire of audacious shades. Discover bold and daring colors with sunnies like Air, Decadent, and Sun Tea. They're almost impossible to resist.