Transitions Adaptive Lenses

See life in the best light with Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses. This high-tech lens option automatically becomes tinted while outdoors and clear while indoors.

Transitions® are premium adaptive lenses that let you see life in the best light

Transition lenses

Transitions lenses are an example of technology ahead of its time. A lens that changes its tint to your needs whether you are indoors or outdoors used to be something you only saw in science fiction movies. Now you can sport this innovative technology on your face. With the adaptive features of Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses and the expert design sense put into our frames, you can find stylish transition lens frames that complement your everyday, formal, and workplace ensembles.

Transitions Transitions
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Wearing transitions lenses means that you can rock your glasses from a day outside to a night inside. To help protect against all day exposure, these lenses include some amazing features, such as:

  • Light-adjusting

    Transitions lenses include technology that let you rock these lenses day or night.

    UV Protective

    A protective UV filter to shield your eyes from harmful ultraviolet light

  • Anti-reflective

    Keep glare out of your eyes and off your lenses with this anti-reflective coating


    Keep annoying smudges and water stains off your lenses with this premium coating

  • Scratch resistant

    Anti-scratch coating to protect your lenses against everyday wear and tear

Transition Lenses With a Style for Everyone

Wearing transitions lenses gives you the ability to wear the same pair of glasses all day long. This means that your choice of frame should be suitable for both your indoor and outdoor style. Here are some tips to help you rock your transitions lenses:

  • Women's Transition Glasses

    Express your love of flowers with floral patterned eyewear in shapes that range from round, oval, rectangle, and square. Capture your chic aesthetic with classic frames of acetate, wood, and metal in a sleek brown, blue, or tortoiseshell. Or, complete your vintage wardrobe with metal horn-shaped or cat-eye frames in classic black.

  • Men's Transition Glasses

    Go for a sharp, minimalist look with our rimless and semi-rimless metal frames in metallic silver, black, blue, and more. Add body to your frame with horn- and square-shaped frames in a sharp black or rich tortoiseshell pattern. Or, bring full-rimmed transition lenses to your eyewear selection — choose from contemporary and retro frames in wood and titanium.

  • Children's Transition Glasses

    Give your child choices with our eyewear. Pick from vibrant reds and oranges or laidback blacks and pinks in shapes that range from a stylish round to a vintage cat-eye. Or, go for style coordination by choosing from our matching adult and children frames.

Expand Your Eyewear With Transition Glasses


At EyeBuyDirect, our transition glasses provide protective lenses packaged in an eye-catching frame. Their exclusive designs are perfect for everyday wear whether you're heading to work, meeting friends, or celebrating a wedding.

Falling in love with a pair of transition lenses means you'll naturally begin wearing them very often. That's why each of our frames includes a 12-Month Product Guarantee — if your eyewear is not up to par, we'll replace it. Our 14-Day Fit & Style Guarantee also has you covered. Wear your frames for two weeks, and if they're not for you, return them for a full refund or exchange them.

Ordering your next pair of transition glasses is simple. Choose your frames, provide your prescription, select the Transitions® Light Intelligent lens type, and we'll take care of everything else. If you have any questions, contact our helpful representatives.