Our Prescription Lenses

As with anything inherently stylish, our lenses take several individual elements and bring them together into one seamless look. Here's everything you need to know about our lenses—from which vision deficiencies they correct, to what they're made of, to which lenses and coatings best meet your prescription and lifestyle.

Different lens types at EyeBuyDirect

Lens Types

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  • Lens coatings at EyeBuyDirect

    Lens Coatings

    Lens coatings are important for keeping your glasses and eyes fresh. All EBD lenses come with free anti-scratch coating.

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  • Lens indexes at EyeBuyDirect

    Lens Indexes

    The index you choose depends on the thickness of your lenses, but it also depends on your prescription. Learn more about our six different indexes and figure out which one is best for you.

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  • Blue light blocking lenses at EyeBuyDirect

    Blue Light Blocking

    We spend around 7 hours a day on digital devices which can lead to a lot of strain on our eyes. Blue Light Blocking lenses are specially designed to help shield your eyes from harmful blue light and reduce eyestrain.

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  • Transitions lenses at EyeBuyDirect

    Transitions® Adaptive lenses™

    Transitions® are premium adaptive lenses that let you see life in the best light. These everyday lenses automatically adjust from clear to dark and every shade in between.

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  • Single vision distance lenses at EyeBuyDirect

    Single Vision Distance

    Our single vision distance lenses are designed to help those of you who have trouble seeing things far away. If you're prescription begins with a ( - ) or you're nearsighted, this lens is for you.

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  • Single vision reading glasses at EyeBuyDirect

    Single Vision Reading

    Reading lens helps you see things at a close distance. They're best suited for helping to see things at distances of 30 to 40 cm.

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  • Bifocal


    Bifocal lenses correct both near- and long-vision deficiencies by combining two prescriptions in one. The upper part of the lens brings objects far away into focus, while a portion of the bottom makes near object crystal clear.

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  • Progressive Lenses

    Progressive Lenses

    Progressive lenses incorporate distance, middle, and near vision seamlessly with digitally personalized lenses. These premium lenses provide an enhanced, seamless viewing experience.

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  • Prism Glasses

    Prism Glasses

    Prism glasses feature lenses designed to correct double vision caused by underlying medical issues. If you need them, your prescription will feature numbers telling us how to shape your lenses to correct your vision.

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